Our art was initially inspired by some chance collisions of 3D models that reminded me of some of my favorite avant-garde abstract art. Further exploration and analysis of the phenomena led to what eventually became Project Consciousness. After over a year since the original incident and months of development we reproduced something much better than the prototype idea. Unique, high quality, highly abstract and higher dimensional generative art.

What it does

Our collection consists of two parts - the first is high quality generative 4k abstract artwork, each piece completely unique from all other pieces in the collection.

The second piece of functionality is a web application that allows for NFT holders to explore the 3 dimensional space that was created to generate their art. The space created for each piece is incredibly complex, and the consciousness explorer will allow a myriad of exploration options to the end user to experience their art in a completely unique fashion.

How we built it

The project began with us exploring various options to generate the art work that we had envisioned. Eventually, we settled on using a game engine, specifically Godot, to generate the art. As the project evolved, we decided to take our project to the next level and provide a WebGL explorer to allow for users to explore their art.

Challenges we ran into

Probably the most difficult part of our project was fine tuning the generative algorithm to create our envisioned art style. It took quite a long time, and many iterations of the algorithm, to land on the approach that we are using for our art today.

Also, as this is our first Solana project, learning the process of preparing our artwork, and minting NFTs with all of the necessary metadata, and how to efficiently access that information, took a bit of exploration and was not intuitive at first. Thankfully, the Solana discord & documentation, and articles & examples from QuickNode really helped us out with learning the ecosystem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are incredibly happy with our art style and with the consciousness explorer utility that we have created. We believe that our art and utilities will provide an experience unlike any other NFT collection on the market today.

What we learned

We learned a lot! We had no experience with either the Solana ecosystem, nor Godot prior to this project. We've also realized that there is way more potential for what NFTs are capable of than is commonly perceived. It's been a fantastic learning experience, and look forward to building new products in the future.

What's next for Project Consciousness

We are finalizing our launch plans and are planning to go live on mainnet soon. We hope that people will find our art collection exciting and enjoy the unique experience that our utilities provide.

Built With

  • arweave
  • godot
  • material-ui
  • metaplex
  • next.js
  • phantom
  • react
  • redux
  • solana
  • web3
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