As this was the first hackathon for all members of our group, and as freshman, we lacked the knowledge on how to prepare for this hackathon. Meaning that we all came to hackBCA with ideas, but without team mates. After we found each other in the lower cafe, we decided to make a website that would allow people with similar interests from the same region to come together to work on a project.

How it works

Many people have ideas but lack a team, and so users have the option to upload their project idea and contact information on a specific topic, and other users of the website can contact this person. Other people have a passion on a said interest (i.e comp sci, activism etc), but don't have a project to contribute to. All users will get started by filling out a survey that directs these users to chat rooms with people who have similar interests and come from the same region, this way users can get together with others who share their same passion and initiative. There is also an inspiration tab for those who have a passion and lack an idea.

Challenges I ran into

Thirty minutes before the submission github mistook us for a "robot" and we had to reenter our ENTIRE repository. We had much difficulty getting the user to upload files form their own computer and get this doc onto the web, because we lacked any knowledge in Parse, a server, and in fact didn't even know what servers were before the hackathon. In developing other features of our website, we had to make use of programming languages we had no prior knowledge of (jQuery, javascript, etc.), as introduction comp sci students, we also had to learn about objects and object oriented programming. In addition we were also unfamiliar with the process of hackathons.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of how far we have gone as beginner programmers (i.e figuring out chat and uploads via parse). When we first came to this hackathon, we had very minimal programming experience; we didn't know how to use a variety of programming languages & how to work socially in terms of programming. We had to familiarize ourselves with github. And thanks to all of this, we have become pros at documentation/SDK reading.

What I learned

Parse, javascript, jquery, servers, python, object-oriented, IOS development (workshop), "social" programming, reading documentation/SDK and how to trouble shoot with git hub.

What's next for Project Connect

We would like to add log in feature and integrate profiles with personal chat so that previous chats can be saved. And possibly turn Project Connect into an international programming. Since we all come from different towns, and a few of us from different counties, we plan on having a weekly Skype meet up on Saturdays 4:00 - 5:30. After we achieve all of these improvements, we plant to advertise our product.

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