Inspiration | To help simplify the assessment process by verbally asking the user questions, analyzing the patients current COVID-19 risk and advising with the next best steps the user can take.

What it does | It will ask you a set of questions and based off your answers it will then help you determine if you need further medical help or or any other recommendations.

How I built it | My team and have been working on this platform for the past couple of months for an enterprise startup project called Cogneetiv.

Challenges I ran into | Needed more time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of | That it can help make it simple for users to get a quick assessment of their condition.

What I learned | The complexity of creating a user driven questionnaire for a chat-bot with minimal time can be fun.

What's next for Project Cogneetiv COVID-19 Risk Assessment Test | I hope my project can be submitted, but no matter what we will continue to create this personal health assistant.

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