This progressive web app was created for ConUHacks V 2020 hackathon.

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  • Sun Life Financial: Workplace Well-being Challenge
  • Zendesk's Sunshine Conversations API Challenge
  • Octave's Build an Innovative Music Player Challenge
  • Telus: Technology for Mental Health Well-being
  • SAP's Best Use of Cloud Technology Challenge

Written by:

  • Benjamin Lanthier
  • Karl Noory
  • Nahej Lefebvre
  • Pierre-Olivier Trottier


Create an innovative music player that returns playlist tailored to users' mood.

Target Audience

Music streaming services users, social media users and music lovers.


Head on over to our chat-bot's web page and share your current mood with it. It will return you the link to a music playlist taylored to your current mental state.

Business Value

Helps users in times of need by providing them with playlists to boost their moods and make them feel better. Allows for a unique and special experience that will make the users feel connected to the platform. Subcscription-based (Free tier with ads + Paid tier) allows for a continuous revenue flow.

Technology Stack

  • Frontend:
    • Vue.JS
  • Backend:
    • Firebase
  • APIs:
    • Zendesk API
      • Allowed us to create an interactive bot across multiple platforms very easily
    • Octave API
      • Allows for the music streaming in the player app
  • ML Algorithm:
    • Natural - Classifiers
    • Trained with custom model to give good answers
      • Lets us predict the general mood of a sentence based on specific words the ML algorithm was trained to recognize and categorize
  • CI/CD:
    • GitHub Actions + Docker + Firebase Functions
      • The GitHub Action builds a docker image and pushes the changes to the Firebase Functions whenever a commit is pushed to master
  • Hosting:
    • Azure Web App for Containers (Taken Down)
    • Azure Container Registry (Taken Down)
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