We had a hard time registering for clubs and joining projects that we are interested in as first-year students. Club application, especially, is a long, painful process that can be simplified with an organized network, ease-to-use network. As project leaders, such as startup founders, we also had a hard time looking for people with specific interests and skills to join our project.

What it does

It allows students to post about their clubs/programs/events for other students to join/apply. Each user has a profile that contains information such as profile picture, interests, skill sets, his/her own project, and the projects she/he joined.

How we built it

used android-studio, and firebase

Challenges we ran into

WIFI, github deleting our files, firebase database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

none of us knew android/firebase before, we are first-year students with limited computer science background, and we made a functional app with database

What we learned

Android App development, teamwork, perseverance

What's next for Project Booster: It connects students with projects

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