Many apps and home hardware systems these days have their own isolated voice command systems. Unfortuantely, this means a lot of back and forth for our users. We wanted to make a seamless and enjoyable experience for using apps and automating homes, so we created Auxiliator.

What it does

Auxiliator is your own personal assistant. With just a single voice command, you have complete access to many apps and services. For example, want to pay your friend $10 for dinner? Simply tell Auxiliator to pay your friend and you're done. Want to book an Uber? Just tell Auxiliator to call you an Uber. Want to turn your bedroom lights on and off? How about open and close your blinds? Want to know the weather outside? All you have to do is ask.

How we built it

This project was built using many different technologies. We implemented a LAMP stack for our backend server and web client. We also built an Android app that allows users to talk to Auxiliator on the go. The backend server is the most important component as all the voice commands go through it. Whether on Pebble, or Android or desktop web - all voice commands get processed by the server. In addition to the software side of things, we also built hardware to turn lights on and off as well as open and close blinds.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges connecting all the clients in this ecosystem. We had to connect smartwatches to smartphones to the server and finally to the microprocessor that runs the hardware components. Getting this flow to be fast, efficient and reliable was a big challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we got a MVP version built. Our minimum viable product is fully functional and features both an android app and a website that are able to listen to your commands and process your requests.

What we learned

We learned a lot about building a system of clients and servers and how intersystem communication works. We also learned how to work together as a team, parallelizing tasks to accomplish as much as possible in a low amount of time.

What's next for Project Auxiliator - the most personal personal helper

We plan to continue implementing integrations for Auxiliator. The basic platform has been implemented and now it's just a matter of adding integrations with all the services and APIs that users are interested in.

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