What it does

Project Atmanirbhar would be a curated platform in assisting the underprivileged and marginalized section of the society to be self-reliant, and be able to use it as place to sell their skills and product. They would also be able to get to know what the government has to offer.

How we built it

The Current solution is a mobile app. Simplicity is the key direction we have taken. The app would open the search page, wherein the user would tap on the microphone icon and speak to it, and the video/picture would be streamed. Cloudinary would be digital asset management [DAM] system for this project. Assumption - Once user has learnt some skills, user would get certified by visiting one of the National Skills Development centers. Currently not integrated but the plan is, the app would be the one stop shop for the users to get skilled and get relevant information. User is now certified and has registered with the Atmanirbhar eCommerce site, the folks who want to utilize his/her services/products would come and purchase the services.

Technologies used:

  1. React Native for mobile app.
  2. Contentstack for CMS
  3. Algolia for Search
  4. Cloudinary for DAM
  5. CommerceJS for eCommerce
  6. AWS Lambda for serverless function
  7. ARjs for Augment Reality

Challenges we ran into

We ran into multiple challenges 😊, couple of things

  1. Cloud native applications was new to us, mind shift must be done.
  2. React Native Augmented reality implementation. We investigated VIROMEDIA then we realized we have to have an API key, but website was not giving the option to generate the API key. Then we pivoted to ARJS, then we ran into another problem where model was generated but not working so we used fallback option as sample marker.
  3. In Contentstack some of the functionality were not in line with our thinking then we contacted the support team, they were very helpful. 4.In Cloudinary we tried to connect the album directly to mobile app but could not find a way.
  4. In expo, voice support was not present so we have to eject from expo to react native CLI to support voice detection lib.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We integrated end to end solution with tools to mobile app.
  2. We achieved implementing an Augmented Reality with integrating AR into Contentstack 😊.
  3. We never thought we will complete it, in between we thought we can complete it and at the end we have completed it 😊.

What we learned

We learned a whole lot of technologies, here are some points:

  1. We all learned how SaaS system works.
  2. We learned Augmented Reality.
  3. We learned how to stay calm and focused
  4. We learned Please read the documentation.
  5. Take the Risk ,fail ,learn and move on faster.

What's next for Project AtmaNirbhar

We would like to refine the functionality, especially on AR. An option would also exist to use the AR features of the phone to allow folks like Deviki, to know more about some tools like the Drilling Machine, as to how it works, what are the parts of the machine, what is the usage of it. This would help in learning a skill virtually before they invest in buying or spending time on it.

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