Athen - Gift Easy

Athena is a seamless way to send gift cards to your loved ones.Create Athena pages to accept gift cards for content creators and events or celebrations and more.

Powered by BlinkSky


  • Send gift cards to your loved ones
  • Create Athena public pages to accept gift cards from anyone as a creator or for any event or celebration
  • Smooth and Secure Experience



How we built it

  • We used BlinkSky API to send Gift Cards
  • We used Node.js for our backend with MongoDB as a database and Heroku for hosting
  • We used React,js for our frontend and Netlify for hosting

Accomplishments we are proud of

  • Building a complete app with multiple features
  • Building a product with amazing real life use case and possibility for growth

Tech Stack

Tech STack

Try it out

Demo Link - Click here

Created by

Abhay R Patel Rishav Raj Jain

Built With

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