What is it? Project Asclepius: CP is a Windows 10 app that helps aid those diagnosed with cerebral palsy to attempt to regain control of their motor functions of their arms.

How does it work? The user will wear a MYO armband and connect to the PA:CP. Once the user initiates the MYO, PA:CP will start with a tutorial on how to use the app. The tutorial will consist of telling the user how to calibrate the MYO and how the user should move their arms. After the tutorial, it will start with level 1. Level 1 will start with elementary movements such moving arm up, sideways, and vertically. If the user has successfully finished all the requirements, the user will be able to move on to the next level. As the level progress further, the movement instructions to the user will be more and more advanced which will be indicating the user’s arm’s motor functions are improving due to the user being able to successfully. Additional features?

Windows 10 Application Doctor’s note: If the user wishes to, the app will have an option to automatically send data resulted from using the app to their primary doctor who specializes in CP. This will be done using Sendgrid.

Alert for Assistance: The user will have to have some sort of activity every minute. If not, a parent, guardian, or the assistant of the user will receive a text message indicating that there was no activity by the user and that they need help. This will be done using Twilio.

Oculus Rift Compatibility: Sometimes, users will want to do this alone but still want someone watching over them. Connected to the computer that the app is open in, will be a camera with 360 degrees rotational compatibility. Using this, the user who is watching over the CP patient will be able to see him/her using an Oculus Rift.

Web App Clinic Information: User will be able to see the list of doctors in the area of her choice and be able to choose which one they want to go to. The location longitude and latitude coordinates will be done using Bing’s Map api. The coordinates will then be inputted into yelp’s api to pull up the hospital information.

Donation box: The web app will be able to see a list of people diagnosed with CP who needs financial aid. The user will have the option to donate to either a certain person who whole in general. This will be done using Venmo or Paypal.

VR Monitor/Therapy

Monitor: If the user of the Windows 10 App wishes to be alone while using the app, one can use the VR monitor to be able to see whatever is going on.

Therapy: Sometimes, people diagnosed with Cerebral palsy look down intuitively and thus lose good posture. By inverting the camera rotating positions of the y axis, the user is able to do therapy on it.

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