With today’s help of AI technology and gamification we can build software that is not only used for pure pleasure we can also crowdsource data that will be an important part of our government agencies resources.

What it does

With our progressive web application anyone can upload a photo and the AI will try to identify the bird species, if the user choose to post the photo along with sight information he or she can join a gamified version of Artportalen and will by doing so help our government agencies to reach a better understanding of our wildlife spreading.

How we built it

By using open source data provided from Artportalen to create a vast amount of AI training images to be used in Azure AI for bird species recognition.

Challenges we ran into

Being a small team we didn’t have the time to build and implement many of our planned features and the cloud gods weren’t on our side.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

A team is not complete without the soft skills.

What's next for Project Art

  • Improved image classification modles, including more species of both wildlife and flowers.
  • Custom challenges, allowing users to challenge each other to contribute to even more species reports.
  • More educational features with information about the identified species etc.

Built With

  • .net
  • azure-custom-vision
  • vue.js
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