We saw this as a solution for a common request from our customers and in the marketplace.

What it does

The Cloudwell Calendar Overlay brings a modern calendar app to the marketplace, available in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Developed on top of Microsoft Fluent UI, our app keeps a consistent user experience for users.

How I built it

We developed the app in Visual Studio Code with React and Microsoft Fluent UI using FullCalendar as the core component we built on top of.

Challenges I ran into

  • ICS creation for event download
  • Recurring events
  • Graph API permissions

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We feel that we are bringing a much needed app to market that increases productivity by reducing the number of places a user has to navigate to view all of their events. Just as important, we provide a consistent user experience that does not disrupt or force the user to learn a different design system.

What I learned

  • We learned how to construct ICS files and how to implement the Facepile component of Fluent UI.
  • How to develop Microsoft Teams apps
  • How to build a license model

What's next for Cloudwell Calendar Overlay

  • Enhanced event creation experience
  • External API integration for additional calendar sources
  • Personal App integration in Microsoft Teams

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