Helping people to manifest their dreams.

What it does

Facilitate an online course to develop a domestic enterprise. Link / manage the necessary funds for the opening of online businesses. Link professionals who are working from home with companies that need their services. Online support for the entrepreneur. Online support to design a healthy work environment at home. Community and professional support for family management.

How I built it

Project b-8 is born from 3htree a school that teaches methods and strategies giving the tools for a life in harmony, joy and abundance. 3htree specializes in studying the different methods that allow solving the problems that develop during the growth of family members. As consulting experts, forming healthy and happy humans, for more than 25 years, we offer a guide to meet your goals.

Challenges I ran into

We have not developed an app and we must build a team to do it. We need the financial support to develop the app and launch successfully.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

3htree program to help families in all areas of society. Being volunteer in poor children's educational programs. Helping migrants to develop their business successfully.

What I learned

We have learned to be supportive and help those who need it most. We have learned to be responsible and to work hard in order to complete our goals.

What's next for Project app B-8

Develop solidarity to help as many families as possible reach their dreams.

Built With

  • app
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