What we’ve accomplished so far

Mafindo, one of the Apollo members, has developed various anti-misinformation solutions since 2015. It has helped to mitigate the onslaught of misinformation during the Indonesian presidential election in 2019, making Indonesia the first nation in the world to survive misinformation attacks during its presidential election. Additionally, they are helping UNICEF to fight against vaccination misinformation in 2020. Furthermore, Mafindo partners with Facebook, Google and the local government. They have received generous donations from Facebook and Google for the past few years.

Prosa.ai, another of the Apollo members, co-founder and Chief Scientist, is an advisor to the Microsoft South East Asia Imagine Cup hackathon winner to analyze and detect misinformation in 2017. The misinformation analyzer system consists of an API based engine, web applications and integration with messenger apps as chatbots. Benefits

Apollo provides the following benefits:

  • Accurate
  • Trusted
  • Near Real-time Data
  • Smart
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Customizable
  • Professional Support

Apollo tech stack uses popular open sources and public cloud technologies that are easy to scale and commonly used.

Next Steps

Based on the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the past few years of experience fighting misinformation, Apollo will enhance the above products to make a scalable solution to benefit the global community. Specifically:

  • Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enhance the existing products so it would be scalable enough to handle data from global sources

  • Add more advanced features: Internationalization (I18N) & Localization (L10N) to support global needs, Analytics, Visualization, include additional data coverage, etc.

  • Scale up its cloud-computing infrastructure

  • Hire more people to speed up Apollo development


In addition to the current resources, we are planning to hire the following:

  • 5 Data Scientists
  • 5 Software Engineers
  • 10 Annotaters to annotate/label data
  • 20 Human-in-the-loop to to do investigation and analysis
  • 2 Product Managers

Also, we will need to purchase more public cloud resources.

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