We are inspired by the rapid pace of innovation and the evolution of the workplace. With constantly evolving technology came new ways to work and learn such as working from home, collaborative online projects, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), and digital freelancing.

Freelancing has for the longest time been just a part of the gig economy that serves to generate a side income, and we feel that this is a wasted opportunity. It can be so much more. Driving from our personal experiences, in this competitive and highly skill-centric economy it is extremely tough for students to get meaningful work experience which, alongside being a source of income, also develops their professional careers and enhances their skills. Such opportunities are rare and hard to get currently, especially for students without relevant experiences.

Moreover, since Covid-19, any job/task that could go virtual has now been forced there. The digital revolution has been accelerated by decades and there is no going back to the old way. Remote work is here to stay, so are online conferences and digital hackathons, and Project ANT will be facilitating this digital transformation for individuals and businesses.

Therefore, our platform, ANT, will capitalize on the rise of the gig economy, utilize the opportunity created by the and the increase in corporations hiring temporary labor. We will offer students an opportunity to build their portfolios using meaningful real-world digital marketing projects and also give them offers and recommendations to improve their skillets.

An overview of our technical infrastructure is attached in the slides.

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