1. I live in the state of West Virginia and thousands of West Virginians have gone without adequate internet service for years because of our outdated service map. I have been working for hard the last few months to make sure thousands of our residents and businesses are able to get our map updated and everyone can enjoy affordable, fast service in their homes and business. I want to make sure this goes far beyond West Virginia but also the whole United States and the world. I know with the new infrastructure and the 5 Generation wireless failover and LD wireless we can all make this possible. Richard Branson has been wonderful to select West Virginia for his HUB for West Virginia and allow this state to grow and continue to build, grow and allow us to create millions of new jobs in not only West Virginia but the whole country. My goal is to use wireless failover and 5 Generation coverage and applications not only for telecommunications, but also to be able to monitor and track natural disasters when they are about to happen (wild fires, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes) which will also greatly benefit humanity. We can work with Google and Microsoft on the network map by doing this as well as tracking the corona virus as well. Not only will we be able to create millions of new jobs in this world which will pay for themselves, but we'll also be able to make sure we live in a much safer world as well.

  2. Project Allied Grace would be a form of interstellar application that would run over our network infrastructure and the cloud which would collect and monitor our data depending on the service area, (State, city, zip). We would gather the data by the carriers current COLO and cell phone towers, (Att, Verizon, Sprint) and also use Google. Microsoft and other applications. We will monitor activities to ensure security, safety, pending disasters and warn city and government officials of pending disasters, track any new traces of the corona virus. This will also continue to create hundreds and thousands, if not millions of new jobs.

  3. I built this the old fashioned way. Hard work, dedication and the dream to succeed and make the world a better and safer place.

  4. Like many things in todays world and throughout history we always run into challenges. We always run into people who think or want you to fail. People who don't want the world to be better. But I know in my heart and soul and just like so many others in this world, we can achieve so much and continue to achieve great and wonderful things. This is just the beginning. Technology is one of the most amazing things and I am so proud and happy to be apart of everything today. I know we'll all continue to make a difference in this world and make so many wonderful things better for everyone. Regardless of who we are, we all want the same things in life.

  5. I'm proud of many of my accomplishments. I've done many wonderful things in my life, especially the last year working hard on my business. That's one thing I honestly don't try to talk much about to others about. I don't like to make things about me, but I am very proud of working very hard and getting my LLC, my certifications, my office, my licenses, working very very hard with certain people that are very amazing. I know if it wasn't for them certain things wouldn't be possible. I owe them so much and I'll always be forever grateful.

  6. I learned that if you have a dream you need to go for it. No matter how crazy it may be. Not everyone may agree with you, but if it makes you happy and you know it will make others happy and better the world you need to go for it. It may be a lot of hard work, but we all need to go for our dreams.

  7. This is just the beginning for Project Allied Grace. There's still a lot of work to be done and will always need to be done.

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