Our devices are becoming more of a distraction than something that helps us be productive. We spend so much time fiddling with many different apps that try to improve our lives in one specific. Struggle for cell-phones to completely understand human behavior and provide necessary action to help induce time management in our personal lives efficiently.

What it does

A.I.R. helps us be more productive and simplify the way we use our smart devices. By taking information from all your apps and communications we can automate and simplify many things such as -Events/Interests -Sleep Behavior -Geofencing -Scheduling.

How It Works

• Seamlessly connected to Operating system on phone o Open API  Allows for App creators to use it o Uses information from multiple apps to create o Possible integration with AI and Machine learning to make more accurate predictions and actions to • Examples o Automatically creates a schedule from reading texts and emails, analyzing sleep patterns and workout habits o Automatically turn on your IoT lights depending on your location (Geo-fencing) o Gives you suggestions on events near you by learning your interests, friends and your schedule.

How We Built It

We used Android Studio to create an app based off of the control panel of our A.I.R. project.

Challenges We Ran Into

We struggled to think of what to create for our demo. Since our product must analyze human behavior, it would be beyond our strengths to form a segment of code that our product would use.

Accomplishments We Are Proud Of

Our team is proud of successfully creating demo slides for what the control panel app of A.I.R. would look like.

What We Learned?

By further research, we were able to learn more about understanding human behavior using AI Machine Learning.

What’s Next For A.I.R.?

With large companies, we would first like A.I.R. to be implemented into America. After that, we are thinking of expanding it globally. As time progresses, we will be adding more and more features to A.I.R..

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