Knowing what matters to your family, friends or even your spouse takes effort. Strengthen your relationships by intentionally identifying what kinds of interactions are meaningful to you.

What it does

Project Affection is about communicating what really matters to you. A central focus is ease of use. As such, it is implemented as an iMessage extension. In addition, privacy is yours. Your data stays between you and those you care about and not third parties.

How I built it

I combed through documentation, watched introduction to iOS swift development, read blogs and made it work.

Challenges I ran into

I'm familiar with flutter with which I've built cross platform apps for iOS and Android. Native development is new for me.

I want sharing to be easy while also letting you track and recall your messages. iMessage extensions were perfect for this but are only available in native iOS.

The whole suite of tools is new to me so I narrowed my scope and learned something new.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm used to knowing what I'm doing. I'm proud that I let myself feel like a complete beginner.

Perhaps I was inspired by the talk 'Befriending Your Imposter Syndrome' by Angie Ni

What's next for Project Affection

I want a screen where you can look at past hearts. I'm imagining a sort of snow globe rain of hearts. You click them to see date, text and an option to message that person.

I want a store. This is really nice and personal data. I want to be able to send it to vendors and have art come back. It should be as easy and safe as getting your photos printed, if not more so. I imagine wooden hearts engraved with messages and date stamps.

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