This project was inspired by the mars one initiative, which led us to begin the conceptualization of the settlement pod. Throughout the project, we took inspiration from everyday surroundings to fuel our curiosity and progress the project. One key inspiration was automatic pool cover systems which directly influenced our solar protection system.

What it does

It allows for future settlers to live in a safe and self-sustaining environment built to last on planet Howler. The solar energy system is highly advanced and is capable of sunlight tracking, allowing it to maximize energy efficiency.

How we built it

The settlement pod and all associated systems were rendered through CAD software. Additionally, the solar systems were coded through the use of C++.

Challenges we ran into

The solar tarp system originally used a solid covering instead of a tarp to ensure physical protection front the elements, but due to logistical constraints, the idea was changed to accommodate a tarp instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to complete the 2 code files for the solar energy systems. We were also able to complete the full CAD of the settlement pod. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive system for water collection and agricultural success.

What we learned

Time management skills and task delegation as we were forced to work rapidly while maintaining a high standard of completion.

What's next for Project Aether

Begin prototyping to serve as proof of concepts. Work on completing the proposed portable wind turbines.

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