Difficulty finding mental health treatment providers, navigating mental health system.

What it does

We are solving several distinct, but interrelated, problems for treatment-seeking individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area including: 1) getting adequate screening for mental illnesses 2) finding a treatment provider who can work with your potential mental health conditions and insurance needs 3) accessing high quality educational materials about various conditions including illness fact sheets and patient stories by way of video and 4) finding a local community of people with similar struggles.

The current solutions to this array of pain points include: doing a Google search for information about mental illnesses, taking less comprehensive screening at sites such as Mental Health America, doing a Google/Yelp/ZocDoc/Insurance website provider search for treatment providers, asking primary care physicians for mental health provider referrals, joining any number of decentralized online forums on sites such as PsychCentral, Beyond Blue, and Reddit and performing a YouTube search of personal stories of individuals struggling with various mental illnesses. These methods are all scatter-shot, in our opinion, and don’t provide an easy, guided one-stop solution for treatment-seeking individuals in our community.

Here is a demonstration of our solution….

A treatment-seeking individual finds our website through Google Search, Facebook Ads, Reddit posts and a word-of-mouth campaign to begin with. Upon arriving to the site, they are greeted with a landing page that describes the various solutions we offer in their journey to understand potential mental illnesses they are struggling with and find a suitable treatment provider. If they recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area from another city and they already know their diagnoses, they can bypass the screening assessment and do a filtered provider search based upon their diagnoses, ability to pay for treatment out-of-pocket, geographic location, insurance status, gender and type of treatment modality sought (e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, etc.)

Let’s say a distressed individual arrives to our site and takes a screening and this individual ends up screening positive for depression. They can read high-quality information about depression here.They can watch videos of patient stories of depression here and they can engage in a provider search.

This is just the beginning. We aim to create the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of mental health providers in the Bay Area. We will use volunteers to update content, maintain the accuracy of the database and curate patient story videos and moderate the forums. In time, we will give users the ability to create accounts that holds personal health information. They can feedback to the system their eventual diagnoses and prescribed treatments and be followed using measurement-based care. They can download progress reports from our site and present them to their treatment providers.

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