In January, we were witnesses to just how bad forest fires can be (the Amazon Rain forest fires). Because of that, we wanted to create something to help with such problems. We checked some articles on the net and we saw that firefighter drones were already a thing. So we thought " Why not do this, but use AI to make this task easier for humans?". And such, we reached the genesis of the A.W.E. Drone.

The A.W.E. (Air, Weather and Environment) Drone, is the first fully autonomous drone which monitors air quality (CO, NO2, CO2, Ozone) and fire hazards in a forest and sends pings to weather stations all around the globe. Our aim is to prevent activities such as illegal logging or events like forest fires, as well as having another use for the drone while it performs routine flights.

We built the drone structure using AutoDesk Inventor and the components we weren't able to find online using SolidWorks.

Challenges we ran into: -Most of the parts we used, we could not find online, so we had to design them ourselves with great precision and caution; -We needed to calculate the weight of the drone to calculate the wingspan, which meant looking for hours on end and asking the sellers about the weight of their product. -We also needed to adjust the placement of the pieces for us to find a good center of gravity position so we could have good lift.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We learned a lot about how drones work, what you need to build one and how to procure the components for such a large-scale project; Our 3D Design knowledge finally paid off, almost crashing our computers with a 450+ component assembly! :)

What I learned: (see Accomplishments)

What's next for PROJECT A.W.E. DRONE: We're thinking of 3D printing the casing for the drone and buying the components to see how well the project works in a real-life situation.

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