Our inspiration was the lack of access to vital web pages at scout camp. We decided to use cached web page and expanded from there in order to get our final product.

What it does

Offline website that uses a cached web page in order to provide online resources offline. Includes offline chat functionality and integrated admin panel.

How we built it

We built it using php as the main logic with it supporting html, javascript, and css. We used open source coding to save time and we also used bootstrap to help us style the page. We are using an apache server hosted through wamp in order to access in the offline, since wamp is an offline developer web sever that we repurposed for our project.

Challenges we ran into

Going down the rabbit hole. We took it from a base skeleton page and added branding, admin page, chat delete, pinned message delete, the pinned messages opening into a new tab, and alert boxes. We had to go into our apache server and figure out why anyone other than the server host was getting error 403 forbidden errors. We found out that we had to open it up to everyone on the local network even though we thought it already was. We went in and had to delete a few lines of code to stop that from happening and to be able to test on mobile and web.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the general basics of the page by noon. We then gave ourselves the rest of the time to work on the rabbit hole items such as the fully functioning admin panel. We are proud that we were able to quickly identify and solve our error 403 forbidden error we had popping up early in development. Once we solved that, once we solved that, everything else fell into place easily.

What we learned

We learned how to pool our strengths and shore up our weaknesses by using everyone to their fullest capabilities. Nicholas and Braden did not have a deep understanding of php but they looked up the snippets of code from open source sites to use. Mac and Kyle wrote most of the program while being pushed to the limits of functionality on apache server function. We all learned problem solving and critical thinking in order to dig through the lines of code to find the errors and fix the messages that we were receiving.

What's next for PROJECT A.L.L.A.N.

Bug fixing, fine tuning and consumer requests(when reasonable). We would like to put more in the admin panel to make it more user friendly to those that are not as tech savvy as us, as well as promotion of our service to help lodges with no internet. We also text doc with instrucitons on how to edit to personalize this for your lodge of function.

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