we believe that voluntering can take a part a lot of the hadjj procedure

What it does

It links the volunteers with hujjaj who needs many services such as medical care, helping missing people or old ones

How we built it

We're using places/Maps Api from google to locate the pilgrims and the volunteers, we've also chosen Firebase for Authentication, RealTime Database and posts. We added an other feature which is Blutooth detection when Pilgrims and volunteers are offline

Challenges we ran into

The real time aspect with firebase and the blutooth functions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using BLE and turning a device into a beacon

What we learned

Time management, sleepless coding and being part of something bigger

What's next for إحسان

Adding more features like Location and Maps , also the posts so that Hujjaj meet before going to Hajj

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