Serving the Great Book of Allah. Parents need to link children to the Qur’an. Creating an interactive environment that stimulates children.

What it does

Interactive teaching of the Qur’an motivating children.

How we built it

The beginning was with a lengthy meeting to complete the ideas and the initial drawing of the interfaces, then after that, the prototype was started using Adobe xd (clickable) with the simultaneous development of the project programmatically using the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS languages for the frontend and the use of the PHP language for the backend to create the token and the backend file was uploaded to the server Heroku, and the frontend file was uploaded to the website Github, and to develop the idea of video calls we used the Opentok API, then simplified interfaces were created to simulate the initial steps of calling on Wordpress, and the file was uploaded to Hostgator server, then after that our video was created and the slideshow design was made for the project idea.

I would like to say that the prototype MVP was designed as a web with its response to be opened on the mobile to look like as a smartphone application and when trying it, please open the same link MVP link on two mobiles so that the video connection process is completed with the browser, one as Teacher and the other as Student, and accordingly, the browser will request permission for camera and microphone.

Challenges we ran into

Building interactive and motivational content for children. Qualifying skilled teachers to deal with children. Financial support for the establishment of the platform

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Analyzing the problem and finding ideal solutions for it. Building a realistic prototype and MVP web app for the solution

What we learned

How to define the problem, analyze it, and find appropriate solutions based on its study, the study of the target group, and benefit from similar experiences

What's next for مدكر الطفولة

Activating the idea to practical reality and expanding it globally. Activating artificial intelligence in teaching the Qur’an

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