We all live in world of needs and resources. There are much more resources exist than money supply can fulfill. We have a lot of goods to share and often even more to desire. And there is no so much money to buy all of these. It makes us to wait. Until someone finds money to purchase our goods. Money system is good but it limiting our free interaction and possible good deals. We've made the service that allows you to give and recieve goods without any limitations.

How it works

This service registering deals between users, searching the best match for their wants and abilities. System counts more than 10 parameters for each user, comparing they when there are several users demanding one resource. User with higher trust level has the priority in recieving among other competitors for any resource. If there no competitors present, take resource free without any comparisions.

Challenges I ran into

Deloping useful and simple economical model based on direct resource distribution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team is the best accomplishment

What I learned

Hackathon RULES !!!

What's next for Project 53

update, upgrade, expansion

Built With

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