How we can make a difference?

As a journalist I often faced one problem in our community. Nowadays in Ukraine people are used to complain about urban issues on their Facebook posts. Really socially important problems very quickly get lost in a heap of other posts. Also they do not receive any feedback from the government. So as a result problems are not solved, and people are not satisfied. In that case our team developed "Туть"(it translates frm ukrainian as "here", but like if it was said by cute kitten) Тuт' is an application for those who have paws, but want to make a difference. Simple, modern application that even a child can ( and will be happy to) use.

How does it work?

Everyone who sees any problem in their city can take a photo of it and share in an app People take photos, comment on them and everyone could see how problems appear around the place they live on the map. So now they will not get lost in the feed. And citizens can see in real time where any kind of problems have not yet been resolved. It has a term of life "on the map" and it can be prolonged with "likes" of people. If the problem gathers enough votes then poster can access a simple template of public request and force authorities to solve the problem. Also, it helps to reveal not obvious problems and gives journalists a nice chance to help these problems to hype, as long as there have been people interested in and supporting this topic. And forces local politics to PR with their deeds but loud speeches.

Nice and fast!

Our team likes to participate in different hackathons. So it was obvious for us to become a part of this event. It wasn't our first experience in developing an application, so we just was trying to find fast and useful solution for our social problem.

Time zones and no sleep :)

The first challenge for us was to compare CST with our time. It was hard to even imagine that we have to turn upside down our sleeping time. But it becomes obvious that there will be no time for sleep. So we did it the hardest way weccan only expected=)

Making everything we wanted and even more!

WE make clear for ourselves what we wanna see in the end of coding, but throughout this event it became even more. We are proud of our project even on this stage, because we believe in his big and important role for society.

Always believe in yourself and your teammates!

Despite all challenges we done it! And the most beautiful thing is to be sure that not only your part will be done great. Teammates are your hands, eyes, full of crazy ideas mind, sometimes even alarm and coffee machine.

what's next for Туть?

These app is social orientated, so we wanna make it lovemark, which can exist on crowdfunding money. We can make it popular with virus-videos and by showing results of our work. For that purpose we can start from our city community where we already proposed to test our app. We found out that they are interested and already agreed to help us with collecting first feedback. Et cetera is an active and innovative students from Ukrainian National University "Ostroh academy" who wanna make a difference. And we know how to do it! But we need your help. Even if you have paws, you can make your city better with few taps. Start your changings by Trying our app! It is available to Download right now from the link below

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