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print "Welcome, please insert your health information." print "Please select one of the following conditions:" print "1. arrhythmia" print "2. high blood pressure" print "3. frequent cardic arrest" print "4. heart murmurs" print "5. coronary hartry disease" print "6. congestive heart failure" print "7. periphial artery disease" print "8. stroke" print "9. prior heart attacks" print "10. cogenital heart disease" information = raw_input() if information == 'arrhythmia': print "We will monitor you heart rate, in case of emergency, we will contact the paramedics so that you can get imediate help." elif information == 'high blood pressure': print "We will remind you what to avoid and any habits you fall victim to. It is highly advised that you moniter your conditions closly" elif information == 'frequent cardiac arrest': print "We will constantly make sure your heart is stable. In the event of a cardiac arrest, you will semd your location to an 911 operator so that you can get immediate medical attention" elif information == 'heart murmurs': print "We recommend that you visit your doctor and moneter your condion yearly if possible" elif information == 'coronary artery disease': print "We recommend that you try to lower your blood pressure to prevent any heart attacks." elif information == 'congestive heart failure': print "Go see your doctor to finalize the cause of you problem." elif information == 'periphial artery disease': print "Lessen use of tobacco, get more exercise, eat healthy." elif information == 'stroke': print "Go take blood thinners as well as tPa." elif information == 'prior heart attacks': print "What is recommended is that you take aspirin to prevent blood clots that could lead to a heart attack." elif information == 'cogenital heart disease': print "what you should do is to lower your blood pressure by any means" else: print "I'm sorry, that is not an option."


Our inspiration was the detection and alert systems designed for health. We have developed an health app, as well as a monitor device that will display the information on the health status of users and what they will be prompted with when the device is released

What it does

What the app and the monitor is supposed to do is, once you create your profile and answer the questionnaire (ex. whats your normal resting heart rate, did you have any prior surgeries/ major health complications etc), the monitor will keep track of the health of the wearer and if certain complications arise ( such as extremely low blood sugar, extremely irregular heartbeat etc), then the app will geo-tag your location and send for a 911 operator to get the wearer to get immediate medical attention

How I built it

using an arduino board, David assembled a complex circuit connected to a led monitor programed to displace health information that the user is experiencing based on the per-existing data collected from the monitor as well as the users profile. Christian developed the beginnings off the app using randomized health data, as well as cloud 9 as well as git-hub to allow Alison to edit the code. Nicole created the website for the project and Grace and Jessica edited and help create the ideal for the project.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges that we ran into as a team were, how to create the app, what type of health info we needed to put into the app, how to created the led monitor and problems creating the app, as we couldn't figure out how to display the messaging on the led board as well as the app health input data and further data addition.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What we are proud of as a team was that although none of us knew how to code, we still manage to not only work together as a team, but we manage to learn how to code and build a machine even with little to no experience in programing.

What I learned

What we had learned as a team is how we work together in order top create the project, as well as learning how to code the app, the website and finally how to create the monitor itself.

What's next for Heart Health

Whats next for Heart Health is to further the app development, such as creating the users account, how to monitor the users health in real time as well as further refine and develop the health monitor.

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