This project offers a simple, replayable game inspired by Syntethic Watermelon and Puyo Puyo.


In this game, players will have to combine as many spheres as possible to obtain the highest score within the limited amount of space.

Three level 1 spheres of randomly selected colors (out of 4 colors) will spawn at the top of the board in a random formation (like Puyo Puyo).

The players will be able to slide the piece left or right, and the piece will fall downwards when the player lets go of it. Ideally, the players should position the piece such that three spheres of similar colour and level are in contact with each other to merge them into the corresponding coloured sphere of next level.

The score calculated for each colour will be the sum of all the levels of the spheres in the board. And the total score will be the sum of the scores for Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

E.g. 3 Red Level 1 Spheres, 2 Red Level 2 Spheres Red Score = (3 x 1) + (2 x 2) = 7


Still very unpolished and has minor bugs (some UI not showing), core gameplay is fine

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A group of Engineering/IT students from Temasek Polytechnic trying out Game Development with Unity

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A microgame which is a freeform version of puyo puyo with merging.

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Statement 2: Design and develop a game suited for the mass market which has a viral growth factor that can act as an acquisition channel for new users (e.g. how Wordle made it easy for players to share results which created a lot of hype).

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