-Just under 50% of insurance clients have a home inventory prepared. Our goal was to simplify and speed up the process to encourage more people to be prepared

-Seeing that insurance policies may vary from company to company, people may not be covered as a result

-Especially with home insurance, this can be a huge issue for those who may have a lot of precious belongings

What it does

Using React-Native as the front-end, the user will input household items by taking a picture of them. Then, using google's reverse image search and amazon, the app will return a title for the item as well as a price. Users will also be able to add items to their list and it will be stored in a database.

How we built it

  • Used React-Native in the front end for UI and to send images to the backend
  • Used Flask as the backend and CockRoach DB as our database

Challenges we ran into

  • Preparing the database schema with CockroachDB
  • Hosting a live backend server and connecting it with the database
  • Learning new languages and frameworks on the go

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First Time ever:

  • Creating a mobile app
  • Using React-Native
  • Preparing SQL Queries
  • Using Flask in connection with databases

- Using fetch() API and react hooks in React-Native

  • Creating a functioning web scraper to search for product names and prices

What we learned

Learned how to better effectively use JSX syntax, using hooks, and async and await functions. Refined skills in Javascript. Learned how to use React Native and Expo.

What's next for INSURatory

  • improving on the functions, UI/UX
  • implanting machine learning to categorize
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