This app implements (most of) Student logic, i.e. Users APIs from Pearson Learning Studio. However, most of the implementation is not complete; most of features are for demonstration purposes without actual data behind.

Unfortunately, due to lack of my personal time, I was unable to successfully host this app on any cloud services (i.e. I started with Heroku PaaS, but couldn't install custom Learning Studio gems for correct work, and simply didn't have time to work with AWS). In addition, most of the functionality you will see have don't have real API leverage behind it - the project mostly uses Users APIs. However, the wide range of APIs were tested for usage in this app, and with some time, they can be easily implemented (there are some hidden pages in this app that contains such API leverage, but in unformatted form). You can find those routes by invoking rake routes and look for data_fetch routes.


  • Ruby 2.0.0 (or any version above should work as well)
  • Crypto++, 5.2.0 (mostly available on Mac OS X and Ubuntu 13.04)
  • Rails 4.2.5 (or any version 4.2.x should work fine)
  • Mac OS X (Ubuntu Linux should work fine as well)
  • PostgreSQL 9.4.5 (versions 9.4.x should work too)
  • Your own set of API keys from Pearson Learning Studio (set as environmental variables)

Installation steps

Given you've installed all preq-requisites above and they function (its highly recommended to have PostgreSQL server up and running), follow the steps:

$ cd path/to/progress_tracker
$ bundle install
$ cd lib/learning_studio_authentication/ext/learning_studio_authentication && bundle exec ruby extconf.rb && make
$ cd back/to/your/path/of/progress_tracker
$ cd lib/learning_studio_authentication && rake install // will probably give error, ignore it
$ psql -c 'create database progress_tracker_test;' -U postgres
$ rake db:migrate
$ rake db:seed

If everything will go well (i.e. no errors except the one from rake install), run the project:

$ rails s

Using browser of your choice (I would strongly advice to use Chrome / Firefox / Safari as main options), navigate to http://localhost:3000 to find the Progress Tracker up and running.


Issues / Bugs

If you experience any errors during/after installation/launch, please file an issue for this project or make a pull request if you know what is wrong and how to fix it. Thank you!

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