💡 Inspiration

All the starter programmers have difficulty on choosing the right path in programming for themselves... keeping this issue in mind, we made a collaboration tool by using which people can talk to, share with and learn from other programmers in the world.

⚡ What it does

  • Has a quick support feature to quickly chat with the admins to report bugs and suggest features.
  • Has a blog to post announcements, experiences and other information.

🔨 How we built it

We first though about ideas on how to help our fellow programmers and then split into our own sections to build this great website using the Qoom' database features.

🏆Challenges we ran into

-Building the login system -Fixing the text length and styling in the blog system -Making messages appear in the chat -Learning how to use Qoom's database -Qoom is a bit finicky atm so... yeah

🏆 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Making a working blog and chat
  • Making a functional login system
  • For some of us, completing our first hackathon ##📖 What we learned -Learned how to use Qoom's database -Learned more about JavaScript functions ##🚀 What's next for Programmer Logz Making more features when logging in Adding more functions to chat and blog Improving UI And more!

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