Most of our team is fairly new to the computer science world. We understand that it can often seem intimidating trying to learn something that might seem so complicated. Our app, ProGrammar for Beginners, is meant to relieve some of that stress and fear. The app starts off with some of the very basic computer science lingo and practice questions to get a brief understanding of what computer science is like. Our app is simple enough for children as young in middle school to use, but maintains intellectual integrity so that adult users feel comfortable with the app as well. The app aims to provide some of the most fundamental foundation for computer science knowledge to enable users with the confidence to pursue more complex computer science endeavors.

The app also includes resources to learn more about the computer science community, including organizations targeted towards underrepresented groups in the computer science community. Our app strives to make computer science an inclusive and fun environment for anyone that wants to try it!

The biggest challenge we faced, was being an unexperienced team. We were not always sure where to start or what to do when things went wrong. However, this beginner knowledge gave us our inspiration for trying to create the app, and even as beginners when we put together our ideas and problem solving skills to overcome any bugs or glitches. We are now able to say we have completed our first all-female and non-binary students hackathon! It was amazing how much we were able to learn from hands on experience. We were even able to create a complete IOS app. Hopefully, our app gives users a similar feeling of comfort in computer science.

In the future, we would expand the app to additional lessons and simple code writing problems. We would also like to include more dynamic feedback, through Graham, your personal octopus cheerleader, including animation and vocal messages, and possibly some more sea creature friends. Another feature that we would like to add, is for users to have the ability to enter a state or zip code, to filter the resources to local options that would be accessible if they are unable to travel long distances. We want to make resources that fit our users’ needs in order to promote computer science as an inclusive environment.

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