programming for pinheads

You ever overhear a conversation between two programmers and wonder "I have no idea what they are saying. Java, like the coffee???" Well, with this program, we`ve simplified down the conversation into something much more relatable and understandable to those just starting out in their programming careers. Now you too can enjoy that conversation in the water cooler before promptly getting fired when you boss realized you needed this web application to function.

Functionality of this Web Application:

+Able to take user input sentence, search through a custom-made database, and replace the complex terminology with simpler phrases.

+Has the capability for users to enter new technical jargon and give it simpler meanings

+Serves as an entry-point for newcomers, to get a bit more comfortable with complex theories by lessening their fear-factor impact

+Can server to inspire newcomers to further explore the topics of programming languages/algorithms/etc to get hidden references

Remember: Its just all in good fun, and none of this should be taken seriously!

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