Utlizing NFTs to get people excited about DAOs and DeFi! Bringing a new audience to DeFi and onchain governance.

What it does

Displays a score of your onchain actions in an NFT, and allows you to set an embedded NFT avatar.

This will be useful in building onchain identity. Holders can use their NFP as a resume or as a profile picture. Projects can utilize Profolio to recruit contributors and to identify potential community members.

How we built it

With love and care and coffee and web3 and a little bit of web2.

Challenges we ran into

Indecision with another awesome idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Showering before the presentation.

What we learned

NFTs are actually kind of cool.

What's next for Profolio

More score modules, more decentralization, more awesomeness

Built With

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