Profluence was inspired by the need to improve productivity on development teams in a constructive way. By making a platform for code accomplishments to be published and shared publicly on the team, dev team members can share their best work, see how they stack up among their peers, and get inspired by team members code.

What it does

Profluence is a platform for developers to highlight their best coding accomplishments to share with their peers. It allows members of a development team to share their work among team members.

An accomplishment in Profluence is a series of code snippets and summaries that explain what the developer achieved on a project.

Profluence allows you to associate a Bitbucket repository with an accomplishment, seamlessly highlight your best contributions, and provide documentation about what you are most proud of.

How I built it

Profluence is built using server-side React and Redux. It runs on an Express server and uses Redis for the database layer. It is hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet and uses DeployBot for continuous deployment. Profluence is 99.9% written in JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

Building an app of this scale as a solo developer was a large challenge. Building all of the aspects from the database, to the API, to the Bitbucket integration, Passport authentication.. It was challenging to manage such a large queue of tasks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully integrating the code snippet selector with Bitbucket is the core of this project. You are able to browse your repositories and highlight code snippets all while maintaining browser history so you still have your back button. Getting that to work seamlessly is my biggest accomplishment. Jump in and create an accomplishment to check this out.

What I learned

I learned how to use React on the server in production, Redux, Redis, and the BitBucket API, to list a few.

What's next for Profluence

I plan to continue to build out the feature set for Profluence and use it to provide a platform for developers to use to share code amongst their peers.

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