Help consumers find the missing/rare products in their areas like medical products, food products or any other products that may be missing and rare to find.

What it does

Product idea depends on people's interaction as one enters a new item that he/she can't find in the market, another user can indicate the address of the product or even the business owner can do that to indicate that he/she has that product in the market. It depends mainly on Demand first before supply, the idea is very simple and straight forward and depends mainly on user interaction and need.

How I built it

Android studio & php

Challenges I ran into

Restricted time to be able to help during the current corona virus situation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finished the MVP and will get it into the play store within a few days

What I learned

More backend development skills

What's next for ProFinder

Broaden the market network to let more business owners help users find the missing products.

Built With

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