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A minimalist approach to academic peer assistance. Live demo

Given that I was in an academic setting, I thought it fitting to work on an application that would benefit the students and/or school staff. It was the end of the school year and that gave me idea for something that would aid the students in exam preparation. As a student I know very well how often procrastination happens and how disastrous it can be the night before exam day. Instead of frantically searching for resource websites and messaging idle friends on Facebook for help, students can utilize my app to quickly get in touch with other people to study. To provide an example; User A signs up to the app and lists the subjects and/or topics they are proficient in. At a later time, User B comes along, does the same and also indicates that they need help in, let’s say Mathematics, at the moment. User A had listed that they are proficient in Mathematics and as such are notified via text that User B needs help along with a shortened URL linking to a group chat. Multiple users are allowed to join in and help each other in regards to that topic only (which in this case would be Mathematics).

In essence it is a minimlist approach to peer academic assistance. I used MaterializeCSS library for UI and jQuery for sending requests, Twilio for purchase of VoIP numbers and handling delivery of SMSs, NodeJS for the backend to handle the incoming HTTP requests and Firebase to store user metadata. This is the first project that exposed me to NodeJS.

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