We know from first-hand experience that college students that college students find it difficult to acquire research positions in labs of notable college professors.

What it does

Proffy allows users to make a simple account with information including their major, interests and experience in their field. Students then get matched with professors who have similar interests and specializations.

How we built it

We made a backend using node.js with express, mongoDB for storing user information, and jade for website front end. We also used Sketch for an ideal front-end prototype.

Challenges we ran into

Our UI was designed a little too well, and without the experience of collaborating with a UI designer before, we were unable to sync the demo with the great visuals.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That app looks beautiful! It looks better than some apps on the market now.

What we learned

A lot. Some group members started web development from scratch, html, css, javascript, node.js and all.

What's next for Proffy

Firstly, we need more time syncing up the UX prototype with the functioning backend. After that, we would like to implement a better messaging and notification system to connect students and professors. After refining the product, we would move to partner with universities in North America to get the product out there.

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