Inspired by the recent disaster known as ECE 105 midterm, I realized a projectile calculator was required for exam prep and doing assignments.

What it does

It provides an alternate method to solve the assignment questions and check your answer to the most common types of projectile problems; how far does it go and the initial velocity of the projectile.

How I built it

I looked at the problem from an algebraic point of view and formed a generalized solution to those problems. Then I translated the general solution into C++ code and optimizing the program by giving the user the freedom to provide the input using the information available to him.

Challenges I ran into

Defining the error checks for the inputs and making the inputs interact the way they were supposed to.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I created two programs with efficient error checking and providing reliable answers to the user for the two most common problems of projectiles; how far does it go and the initial velocity

What I learned

Being a beginner programmer, I learned methods for efficient error checking routines in the program and the overall organization of code using while loops and if-else statements.

What's next for Prof EDCOM

To create more programs to solve physics problems including but not limited to energy conservation, momentum and collisions, waves and much more.

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