Every new quarter comes with the same problem--navigating the various school websites in search of office hours times and locations, professor emails and phone numbers. We wanted to make it simpler.

What it does

The skill allows your Amazon Echo™ device to access your college websites for nearly instant access to any piece of information about faculty.

How we built it

Started with a javascript webscraper, then proceeded to integrate into an AWS lambda function that is triggered by an Alexa skill.

Challenges we ran into

Navigating an overwhelming amount of guides, articles, blog posts, tutorials, documentation on how to develop an Alexa skill and choosing a path to take.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got it working. Hopefully.

What we learned

Don't get stuck on dead end approaches. Learn to move on and try alternative paths.

What's next for Professor Pal

Persistent store of our scraped data for higher scalability and less resource expenditure.

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