• To create a bot that can help make discord servers safe and welcoming space.

What it does

  • The program kicks any user that types a profanity word ( that appears in our general array).
  • Additionally, it gives discord users with the right roles and clearance, the power to kick others in the server.
  • Only the admin role has the power to manually kick a member.

How we built it

  • Utilized the Discord bot workshop and related resources, Discord.js documentation, and relevant tutorial videos to better understand Javascript syntax.

Challenges we ran into

  • Using Javascript that we are not that familiar with we had to refresh our knowledge and learn new concepts to create a bot.
  • Trying to get the functions, and if statements to work.
  • Being able to successfully kick the person for the right reason.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The main accomplishment was figuring out what we wanted to do for our project and fulfilling our base goal which ended up being a Discord bot that kicked users for typing any profanities. Another accomplishment was making the Discord bot be open for expansion and have the ability to be expanded in the future, whether it'd be for more fun/utility or for general purposes/server management.

What we learned

  • The basics of discord.js and Javascript. With the help of the Discord bot workshop, we also learned that we can implement more features beyond what Discord provides natively (kicking, banning, etc.) such as commands for games or any other APIs we'd like.

What's next for Profanity Checker

  • The current bot as it is can be modified to ban users that type racial slurs, instead of kicking users that use minor profanity.
  • Additionally, this bot can be be developed into a type of general purpose bot that can carry out commands for games, looking things up for you on google, and assign roles to messages via reacting to messages.

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