We wanted to help other people boost their productivity. Often during studying, we find that we, as students, have little or no motivation to complete items on our to-do lists. This penguin is a simple and effective way to inspire productivity, without taking up time or effort. It also puts a fun twist on schoolwork, which can often be a boring and demoralizing task.

What it does

This website allows students to create a TODO list nicely organized in one place, and to check off or add items as they go. Once they connect to their account, their TODO list is displayed, with their animated egg. Once students check off all of the element inside the list, the egg opened and display a nice celebration.

How We built it

We built the P4P with simple JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, homemade GIF and BootStrap.

Challenges We ran into

It was a challenge to customize a GIF, and make it our own. It was a struggle to make the egg update, without the user notifying the change of GIF. With the help of Photoshop, this task was feasible.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We managed to make the whole thing functional. We are also very proud of the transition of one GIF to another.

What we learned

Photoshop, JavaScript, BootStrap5

What's next for Penguins For Productivity

Finish the incorporation of database inside the project, so one user can return to his session and see his updated tasks.

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