Productivity. Period.

Distractions are everywhere.

While trying to any work online, it’s nearly impossible not to stumble upon distractions. Research shows that “technology and online learning are major sources of distractions”. “An average teen spends over 9 hours a day on social media” (stopad).

But study also shows that competitiveness and efficiency go hand in hand (Competitions & Market Authority).

This extension embraces this relationship and solves the problem of online distractions by introducing a competitive aspect to productivity. Use this extension with friends to hold each other accountable and build off the productivity of others. Build your profile and increase your productive to distracted ratio!

The good, the bad, the productive.

For an individual user: This extension tracks the amount of time you spend on websites. It classifies a website as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on your inputs. You allocate a time period to do work, and the extension does the rest! But don’t think you can fool the system by just pretending to be on a website; this extension tracks how active you are! You can also track your data later and see the difference.

For a group: Either you or your friend creates a room and gets a shareable invite link. Join the room and work away! In the end, the extension generates a productive to distracted ratio and declares a winner!

Everyone wins in the end

While only one person can get 1st place, competing with friends levels up everyone's productivity so that everyone benefits from this extension.

The numbers do all the talking

This extension tracks your productivity over time to allow you to see concrete proof of your improvements.

Add this extension to watch your productivity take off.

How to get started:

→ Create an account

→ Tell the extension what websites to classify as ‘bad’

→ Make a ‘room’ and get the invite code

→ Get your friends to join

→ Work together

→ Let us know that it made a difference!

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