Our team consists of three high school students who love stationery and self improvement! We know that sometimes jotting something down or making a note of a dream or goal is all it takes to make a long climb into manageable steps. That is why we have designed Journey Journals, a place where we reimagine self-improvement as an adventurous expedition so that users are able to be productive in working towards their goals and stepping outside of their comfort zones!

What it does

Journey Journals is designed to provide its users with all the tools necessary to succeed in whatever they put their mind to. Our website currently offers:

  • An interactive navigation bar enabling users to switch between different components of our website
  • A daily challenge that changes each time the user refreshes the page, motivating users to try new things
  • A pomodoro timer, the top study aid of choice for students and employees everywhere, which when started by the user, counts down from 25 minutes and notifies the user to take a 5 minute break when the time runs out.
  • An Adventure Plan page that allows the user to plan small steps they can take outside their comfort zone to try big new things, tracked by a status bar on the homepage and an adventure "step counter".
  • A screen break timer which automatically starts whenever the website is open and keeps track of how long the user has been using it. When the hour runs out, users are notified and suggested that they take a break from the computer.

How we built it

We initially built the frameworks for our website on, which allowed for our team to collaborate in real time together! Afterwards, we transferred our code to Microsoft Azure in order to make a static web app with a personalized domain. Throughout this process, our team stayed in contact via Discord and coordinated several daily meetings to discuss our creative processes.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges that we ran into included not all having the same level of experiences in different languages. Given that we are all from different schools, the way that we learned computer science varied. Additionally, we really made an effort to step outside of our own comfort zones as well by trying out new software like Figma and using a cloud-based static web app to host our domain through Microsoft Azure, which we had never done before! Our original goal was to have our domain be personalized, however, we soon learned that despite us changing the name on the Azure portal, it takes about 24 hours for DNS to be updated on servers everywhere and would not change in time for submission! Although not everything went according to plan, as lesser experienced high school students, we learned a lot this hackathon and had lots of fun together!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For some of us, this was the very first hackathon that we participated in! For some others, this was the shortest period of time for creation and submission that we had ever dealt with. Plus, each of us ended up learning a language, software, or library we had never used before! We are proud of what we accomplished in such a short period of time and for learning new methodologies and applications that will help us in the future, and we are proud to say that this hackathon has given us the courage to attend more!

What we learned

  • Time management in balancing our regular responsibilities as high school students and our duties as team members for this 3 day hackathon.
  • How to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, in which some team members had zero prior experience in.
  • How to use Figma for the conceptual and prototyping side of our project.
  • How to deploy Microsoft Azure's Static Web App to host our domain.
  • That we can be hackers too!

What's next for Journey Journals

We have high hopes that Journey Journals will revolutionize the way people seek to attain their goals! As we continue to learn more as junior hackers and work on a more manageable time budget, we hope to expand our domain's capabilities with the help of Microsoft Azure's web apps to incorporate databases of journal templates and topics of user interest as well as contact sharing just to name a few. The capabilities of Journey Journals are endless and we are excited to continue to keep working on our website.

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