Who would've thought that the turn of the decade would bring a pandemic? Even after a whole year some days still don't feel 'normal'. Still, life goes on and we all learned to adapt to this 'normal'.

Two important lessons that were learned:

  1. Working and studying from home is hard.
  2. Your health is truly your wealth.

So, how can we keep motivated to maintain and improve both?

Why not combine a popular, effective time management technique, the Pomodoro technique, with 5 ways to stay healthy this year according to Women's Health?

Oh, Odoro! can help.

What is the Pomodoro technique? What are Women's Health 2021 recs?

What it does

You just schedule your breaks and pick which categories you want suggestions for during them. For example, after your first Pomodoro, a 20-minute session of work only, Oh, Odoro! will remind you it's time for your 10 minute break. Since you picked mind, it gives you suggestions to meditate or write a quick sentence of gratitude. For the purpose of demonstration, the app we built will only time us 5 seconds!

How we built it

The technology we used was expo, react native, npm, and for prototyping. We just need to download the expo app and scan the QR code to run it. We used VScode as the code editor.

Challenges we ran into

UI isn't easy to design and totally new to some of us! Learning a new platform in just a couple hours is also a challenge. Sometimes the interactions just wouldn't show up and transitions between pages were odd. It took us some time to figure out the front end navigation of the app. Also, we did not have time to incorporate a database as we originally planned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our cute logo! Fun fact: Pomodoro is also Italian for tomato. The timer and the multi-page navigation of the application :D. It was a short hackathon.

What we learned

The apps design and overall functionality take a lot of time and careful consideration. Another lesson we learnt is that we have to make decisions quickly in a fast-paced hackathon.

What's next for Productivity Hack

Pending tasks:

  • [ ] Update the Breakscreen to display the different activities
  • [ ] A database of stored activities and let the users add to the database collaboratively, which allows us to be more creative and able to receive suggestions from others on what to do during the break!
  • [ ] Personalize the suggestions and collect feedback on each activity, which is added a feedback system on the activity
  • [ ] A database of stored encouraging notes from users
  • [ ] Include a warm words page for users to put their encouraging words to the database and click 'get some encouragement to get a randomized encouraging word from the database
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