Are you tired of being addicted to your phone? Constantly distracted by the endless flow of social media and the constant rings of notifications? As a solution, we are proud to introduce the Slapatron, your personal phone detox assistant. This mechanical arm will give your hand a little slap of reality if you try to use your phone during the allotted study or work time. Say Goodbye to distractions and Hello to productivity with the Slapatron!

What it does

The Slapatron works by using an ultrasonic sensor to detect when the user picks up their phone from the platform. Once it detects that the phone has been picked up, the swivel mechanism is activated and the Slapatron slaps the phone out of the user's hand. The user inputs the desired amount of focused work time through a simple interface on the phone platform, after which the Slapatron is armed and ready to prevent phone use during that time period.

How we built it

We built our project using an Arduino board as the main microcontroller, an ultrasonic sensor to detect when the phone is picked up, and a servo to activate the slapping mechanism. The project involved setting up a circuit on a breadboard and using C++ to prototype the basic execution flow. Along with modifying an old landline phone to house the prototype, we also assembled the Slapatron arm using our mechanical and woodworking expertise. Finally, we soldered the wires so that the landline's original buttons could be used.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we faced was getting the mechanical arm to accurately detect when the phone was being picked up and activate the slapping mechanism at the right time. In order to do that we tried a variety of sensors such an IR, a photo-electric, and an ultrasonic sensor. Furthermore, the final integration of the system was particularly challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A particularly challenging part was making the old phone’s dial pad to work with our circuit. We achieved through some soldering, testing, and elbow grease, and in the end, made it work.

What we learned

We were able to improve our skills in working with Arduino boards, soldering, explorational circuit testing and teamwork. The project not only helped us to gain hands-on experience in these areas, but also helped us to develop a working solution for addressing phone addiction and distractions.

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