Hi, we are Rayhan and Brandon. We are two Grade 9 students who created Productivity for the Poor! Productivity for the Poor aims to solve two major problems from the past. In 1932, the stock market hit a low and as a result it caused the Great Depression. The Great Depression caused millons to be laid off work. In fact, it was estimated that more than two million people were homeless during this time. To compare, there are less than 500,000 people that are currently homeless in the United States. The second problem we are solving is procrastination. During the great depression, less than 3.4% of people went to university. This meant students were not taking school seriously. Studies have shown that the leading factor of lower grades is procrastination. We found this very important because it resonates with us as we are both high school students, we also feel this issue is still relevant today and it is something that needs to be addressed. So, this is why we created Productivity for the Poor.


We are students so we can relate to the fact that it maybe hard to be productive especially during this time.

How it works:

Productivity for the poor increases productivity while helping those in need. The user first clicks start in the home screen. They are then prompted to choose the charity they would like to donate to. Once the charity is selected, they can then choose how much they would like to donate based on the given time options. For example, if a user clicks the 15 minute button, a 15 minute timer would load up. At the end of the 15 minutes 5 cents would be doanted to the charity that they chose. Now you may be wondering, how do we generate money to donate to charities? We plan on using all ad revenues, sponsors, and any government grants (if given) to give donations. This makes us a non-profit organization!

How we built it:

Built with HTML, CSS and a little bit of JS.

Challenges we ran into:

We found it challenging to add some animation to our buttons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We are happy we were able to complete this in time and we are overall happy with the product.

What we learned:

Overall, we learned that such a little amount of students actually went to university during the time of the great depression (which was less than 4%). In addition to that we learned more about CSS.

What's next for Productivity for the poor:

We plan to add a feature where it locks the screen and prevents a user to access any other websites. We also plan to add ads in the future.

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