As seen from tools such as Read and Write, Chrome extensions can be highly useful in helping students study. They are simple to download, easy to understand, and are generally not blocked by school firewalls. Combined with the fact that all students are provided with a Chromebook, this means that Chrome extensions are readily accessible. We consider this to be extremely important, as our goal with this project is to demonstrate how utilizing Chrome extensions can benefit all students.

What it does

Our extension is intended to gently remind students to study for upcoming tests, but it can be used as a reminder for any date. The user simply adds in the names and dates of any upcoming tests, and the extension will remind the user when a test is coming up.

Our project is not meant to be a finished product but rather a demonstration of the untapped potential of Chrome extensions, and how they can be applied to help students with school.

It can be used on any google chrome site and is super easy to access--with only one click.

How we built it

We used JavaScript, Html, and CSS on CodeSandbox to write our code, and hosted our extension on the Chrome Web Store. CodeSandbox was a very efficient way where we could all work on the project together and constantly see updates to the product of our code.

Challenges we ran into

None of us have ever made a Chrome extension before, so we had to learn how to make one from scratch. As our first attempt at an extension, we had to be realistic about what we could accomplish within the given time limit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very efficient in our work. We brainstormed for a few hours, then planned out the extension—who would do what, when certain parts had to be finished by—and then got to see our final product slowly come to life. It’s always a great feeling to see your code finally working in the end.

What we learned

Aside from learning how to make a Chrome extension, we learned how to plan and coordinate a project by ourselves, which is a side of coding which we had less experience in.

What's next for our extension

Another benefit of Chrome extensions is that they are quite versatile. As we feel that our idea is quite practical, we plan to look further into developing an actual Chrome extension that students could use, with additional features and a nicer look to everything.

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