As four high school students, we live through the struggle of balancing all our activities, assignments, and commitments, with only 24-hours in a day. Time-management on a daily basis is an inevitable challenge, not just for us, but for middle school, high school, and college students all around the globe. We often are unable to plan for important events coming up (i.e. a test in two weeks), and end up pulling an all-nighter studying the night before. While we all create schedules, they don't map out our day well enough to hold us accountable. To solve this, we developed Productivity Enhancer, a web application that creates personalized schedules that fit in time to prepare for upcoming events.

What it does

We allow the user to enter recurring events that they have, their sleep schedule, and events coming up. We then generate a daily schedule that takes current commitments into account and fits in time for upcoming activities.

How We built it

Our application's frontend is built in HTML/CSS/JS, with a backend in Python. We used the Flask framework to connect our frontend and backend, and we used an SQL database to store user data.

Challenges we ran into

  1. This was our first time working with SQL, and we ran into many issues building a secure database.
  2. While the individual parts of our project were working, integrating them was a major challenge we ran into. We had many issues with merging branches, and spent a lot of time due to merging conflicts.
  3. AMD's drivers are horrible. Please update them AMD. They crashed my computer 3 times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Over the span of 24 hours, we were able to develop a fully functional web application that can really help students like ourselves.
  2. We were able to get an SQL database functioning that brought our application together. Given that we hadn't worked with SQL before this, we are really proud of learning SQL and putting together a project.
  3. We worked with multiple databases for the first time. SQL doesn't inherently support arrays, and we were rather awestruck at this, so in our fit we decided to give unlimited power to Pandas instead.

What I learned

  1. Many of us had never worked with Git before, and we learned a lot about Git, version control, and trunk-based development.
  2. This was our first time working with SQL databases, and we learned a lot about backend development and SQL.

What's next for Productivity Enhancer

We plan on polishing up the app, and then deploying it to GitHub pages (to get feedback from peers), and then publishing it so students worldwide can reap the benefits of productive work time.

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