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The Productivity Center is a SharePoint webpart that helps individuals use SharePoint beyond a glorified file share. Click the duck in the toolbar to get productivity quacks based on your actions. Each quack walks the user through the process step by step.


Find yourself sending slide decks and files over email to collaborate? How about hanging files in folders that are inside of folders? If yes, it is not your fault. SharePoint evangelists are doing a crappy job of training their teammates. It’s not like they don’t care, they just don’t have time to walk through each department's site managers on how to do everything.

Solution to increase productivity

The Productivity Duck suggests quacks based on the page the user is on. These quacks can be dismissed or viewed unobtrusively. Each quack is a step process breakdown that highlights each action for the user, which effectively teaches them while doing the quack. All resulting in a more productive user in your organization.


Help your organization use sharepoint efficiently and effectively in their native environment while sharing best practices and knowledge management. The productivity duck enables SharePoint evangelists in an organization to create step processes on how to do things so the entire organization can benefit as opposed to whomever calls in for help. There is also not that much accomplished over the phone.


The Productivity Duck recognizes user actions and highlights a recommended quack. The quack can be dismissed or expanded. Once expanded, the user is walked through step by step with each action highlighted on the page for the user. Quacks are pre-populated with generic sharepoint actions, curated by users, and created by sharepoint admins. The magic behind the productivity duck is the ability for sharepoint admins to create new quacks in a scalable fashion for all to benefit using the webpart.

Relevance to Platform

SharePoint helps increase collaboration and productivity for organizations. That's why we targeted SharePoint to have the biggest impact on productivity. We packaged the productivity center as a webpart versus an add-in due to complexity of getting an add-in installed at enterprise organizations. Being a webpart allows for organizations to have lower barriers to getting the duck on their toolbar.

Ease of Use

Each quack is broken down into steps that highlight the action required as the user progresses through. This eliminates multiple screens/tabs to reference tutorial walkthroughs, playing and pausing tutorials, and most importantly not taxing on our memory capacity when learning new things.


We took special care to ensure the content is presented in small, bite size chunks to not overwhelm. Our design is inspired by material design principles but made to fit inside of sharepoint's design patterns.

Benefit for Users

Users want to be productive but not if it's hard and inconvenient. The productivity center helps users learn as they go focusing on one quack at a time.

Creativity and Innovation

There are plenty of solutions that offer training, tips, and tricks for users. The problem with these are not the ideas but the implementation. The closest we found to being innovative is content panda. Content panda puts a panda next to every action on the page for more info. When a panda is clicked, a modal appears with some info on the action, some reading material, and a related video. This is where we offer the better solution for users because we don't require users to read or watch a video. We coach them to learn by doing. Also, we don't put a duck all over the page in an obtrusive manner. The duck targets users actions and suggests a quack. The quack is easy to follow and based on what the user is doing. We focused on making productivity more attainable to the average user and less daunting.

Ease of implementation

Simply drop in our custom webpart and your up and running. The webpart makes it easy to add new quacks for your organization making it scalable and customizable.

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