In light of the holiday spirit, the new year and New Year's resolutions were among the biggest events on our minds going into this competition. We hoped to create a product that would provide the productivity and motivation needed for people focused on self-improvement during the pandemic. And to this end, we developed the Daily Goals Discord Bot, to inspire the burnt-out students and bored teleworkers to stay active during this hard time.

We hope you enjoy our fun little idea and that it would bring a little more holiday spirit to a quarantined Christmas!

What it does

Our Discord bot helps users stay organized and motivated while chasing after their goals. Users can create a list of tasks to accomplish for the day and can compete with their friends to be the most productive on their server! (Discord is a Slack alternative popular with Gen Z and servers are similar to Slack workspaces)

How we built it

Programmed in Python, the Daily Goals Bot uses the API wrapper and Firebase real-time cloud storage to carry out commands and database functions.

Challenges we ran into

In the beginning, we struggled with writing proper database queries that we used for the implementation of tasks and points which we overcame as we became more familiar with the syntaxes. We also had problems with integration between the Firebase database and the Discord API that we had to resolve such as retrieving data from the database to be used in the functions such as in the creation/deletion of a task and adding points to a user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have worked with discord api in the past but this was our first time incorporating a database into one of our bot projects and we are very happy with how it turned out.

What we learned

Through this hackathon, we learned more about the capabilities of Python, the Discord API, and Google’s Firebase real time database. Through Discord API, we learned about the relationships between the Discord bot and users, a relationship we previously had experienced but not understood. We also learned how to incorporate Firebase into our projects.

What's next for Productivity Discord Bots

In the future, we plan to increase the bot’s capabilities and visual appeal. Firstly, we plan to deploy this bot on a VPS and make the bot publicly available to be added to Discord servers. We also plan to have the bot cycle through images depending on the seasons and holidays and move the motivational quotes onto a separate database to increase the pool of possible quotes that can be given to a user.

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